Trophies and Awards

  • The Jack Barber Trophy:  Awarded for the best five flights by a pilot with less than 50 hours in command [glider] on January 1st of the current year.
  • The PW6 Trophy: Awarded for the best solo flight in a PW6 glider by a pilot not yet at licence stage on January 1st of the current year. Created and Donated by Gib Kostiuk in 2019.
  • The James Dew Trophy:  Awarded for the single best flight of the year. Donated by James Dew Flyways Esso.
  • The Paul Tingskou Memorial Trophy:  Awarded to the Club Champion [six best flights] in memory of Paul Tingskou who was one of the Winnipeg Gliding Club's most able and enthusiastic founding members. The Eppler airfoil was created by Dr. Eppler for an advanced high performance flying wing sailplane which Paul had designed over a period of years and was about to begin to build at the time of his death in 1976.
  • The Flight Trophy:  Awarded to the pilot who is a member of the Club and has the greatest number of flights in the past season in Manitoba. Flights for which the pilot may receive financial remuneration are not counted. Donated by Mike Kepron.
  • The C.F.I. Trophy:  Awarded to the Student of the Year and the decision of the winner is made by the CFI. Criteria are - a high mark in the Transport Canada exam, demonstrated excellence in flying ability during licence check flights, and contributes to the activities of the Club. Donated by Ian and Yvonne Oldaker.
  • The Tony Butt Memorial Citabria Trophy:  Awarded to the Tow Pilot who has most usefully served the Club over the last year.  Donated by Jeff Bell, Natalia Gadomska, and Pat Pelletier.
  • The Norm Dyck Trophy:  Awarded to a member who contributes to the sport in general and our Club in particular and is not necessarily recognized when the points are added up for other trophies. Donated by Norm Dyck, a former active member, in 1969.
  • The Dick Metcalfe Memorial Trophy:  Awarded to the Speed-OLC Contest Champion in memory of Dick Metcalfe, a long time MSC volunteer and WGC member.  Points are awarded for speed over any 200KM section of a flight.  The best six flights are scored.
  • The Fall Family and Friends trophy:  Awarded to the club member who brings out the most people for a flight ( but not necessarily flown by them) from September 1 to season end.  Donated by Cam and Tanis Scott in 2022.”
  • WGC 25 Year Membership Recognition

MSC Trophies

Retired Trophies

  • The L-Spatz Trophy:  This trophy is awarded for the best flight of the year in the L-Spatz III glider. The trophy was designed, built and donated by Paul Moffat in 1990.
  • The Bent Throttle Award:  Awarded to the Tow Pilot who has at least half as many tows as the one with the most for the year and/or deemed to have most usefully served the Club. 
  • The Schweizer Trophy:  Awarded for the best solo flight in a Schweizer aircraft by a pilot not yet at licence stage on January 1st of the current year.
  • The Cracked Head Trophy:  Awarded to the Tow Pilots.
  • The Krosno Trophy:  Awarded for the best solo flight in a Krosno glider aircraft by a pilot not yet at licence stage on January 1st of the current year. Donated by Ed Hollestelle of Solaire Canada.  Retired in 2019.
  • Manitoba Soaring Council Provincial Open Class Champion.    Retired in 2017.