Awarded to the Club Champion (six best flights) in memory of Paul Tingskou who was one of the Winnipeg Gliding Club's most able and enthusiastic founding members. The Eppler airfoil was created by Dr. Eppler for an advanced high performance flying wing sailplane which Paul designed over a period of years, and was about to begin to build at the time of his death in 1976.

In previous years the trophy was awarded on the basis of a pilot's best five flights.  From 2003 to 2010, the pilot's best six flights in Manitoba were used in accordance with the CDNC OLC Classic contest rules.  Starting in 2011, the pilot's best six flights in Manitoba have been used in accordance with CDNC OLC Plus contest rules.

Year Pilot
2023 Jay Allardyce
2022 Bruce Armstrong
2021 Jay Allardyce
2020 Jay Allardyce
2019 Patrick Pelletier
2018 Jay Allardyce
2017 Jay Allardyce
2016 Mike Maskell
2015 Patrick Pelletier
2014 Russ Flint
2009 Russ Flint
2008 Matt Chislett
2007  Russ Flint
2006 Russ Flint
2005 Matt Chislett
2004 Matt Chislett
2003 Russ Flint
2002 Jim Oke
2001 Jim Oke
2000 Frank Cwikla
1999 Frank Cwikla
1998 Jim Oke
1997 Andrzej Kobus
1996 Jim Oke
1995 Jim Oke
1994 Jim Oke
1993 Russ Flint
1992 Jim Oke
1991 Jim Oke
1990 Jim Oke
1989 Jim Oke
1988 Jim Oke
1987 Jim Oke
1986 Russ Flint
1985 Jim Oke
1984 Russ Flint
1983 Russ Flint
1982 Jim Oke
1981 Jim Cummings
1980 Jim Oke
1979 Jim Oke
1978 Chuck Fisher
1977 Russ Flint
1976 Dave Tustin