Starting in Winnipeg, go to the southwest corner of the Perimeter Highway and turn southwest at the town of Oakbluff on to Highway #3. Continue on Highway #3 for about 1 kilometer. Turn west on to Highway #2 and continue on Highway #2 for about 20 kilometers to the town of Starbuck. Continue on Highway #2 for about another 5.2 kilometers and turn south on Allinson Road. This turn-off is also marked by a gliderport sign and a sign for the Starlite Colony (star shaped sign).

The Winnipeg Gliding Club is located at the southeast corner of the junction of Allinson Road and the third road south of Highway #2 (approximately 5.2 kilometers south of Highway #2). You will be able to see a long white hangar with a metal roof, our training center and some long metal trailers .

Welcome to the Winnipeg Gliding Club.