Introductory flights are available to the public whenever there is flying, subject to the availability of a pilot and a club owned glider. It is best to call ahead to schedule your flight to avoid long wait times. Late mornings on weekends and holidays are the best time for visitors to come for flights. We sometimes schedule a block of time during the week especially for the purpose of accommodating guests.

To fly at the Winnipeg Gliding Club, a person must be 12 years of age or older.  Guests are asked to become a "one-day" members of the Club and sign a waiver before taking a flight. 

*GST is included in all prices. We have a Square at the flight line to allow payment by credit card.


The Classic Discovery Flight  $149

You and your qualified pilot will be towed to 3000 feet above ground level where you will release from the tow plane and experience the silent freedom of soaring as you glide back to the airport. (approximately 18 to 20 minutes).


The Hands On Flight  $175

You and your instructor will be towed to 3000 feet above ground level with the opportunity to have hands on instruction for your first flight as a glider pilot.  If conditions permit, you may experience the thrill of thermal soaring and stay aloft for a longer duration. If you choose to sign up for lessons, this flight may be logged as your first training flight towards earning your license, and the cost may be applied towards the Introduction to Gliding Package. (you must purchase the Package within the same season as your Discovery Flight in order to credit your Discovery Flight towards it).


The High Flyer  $400 for 2 people

Take advantage of this special package designed for 2 ( a great option for friends, couples, a parent and child (over 12), or siblings).  *This type of flight must be booked in advance to ensure we have the necessary resources and conditions to create the best experience for you.

You will each be towed up along with your pilots in separate sailplanes to an altitude over a mile high, and release from the tow planes in close proximity to each other. This is a wonderful opportunity for some air to air photography while sharing the experience of silent flight and the thrill of soaring. If conditions permit, this flight could last for up to an hour - without an engine! This flight can be tailored to what you want to experience, from your first lesson to a fast paced thrill ride, or gentle, relaxing glide back to the airport. The duration of this flight will vary depending on the type of flight you choose and the conditions.


Group rates (by advance booking only)

We offer the Classic Discovery flight to groups of 5 or more people at a reduced rate of $135 per person, or $129 per person if you have a group of 10 or more people (Note that the maximum number of flights we can accommodate in a single day is around 14). Groups are welcome to take advantage of our club house facilities and BBQs if they would like to prepare meals for their group.