Congratulations to Tom Adlard of Winnipeg, winner of a Discovery Flight from our door prize draw during our Open House July 14th.  Thanks to everyone that attended and entered the draw.

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The PW-5 is a single-seat medium performance sailplane having a span of 13.44 m (44 ft.).

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The KR-03A "Puchatek" glider (also known as the "Krosno"), is a tandem two place glider suitable for both winch launch and aerotowing. It has a metal monocoque structure. The cantilever wings are rectangular in shape with a 3 degree forward sweep and are fabric covered on the trailing edge. The glider has a T-tail with fabric covered control surfaces. The main wheel is ona hyraulic shock absorber and has disc brakes. The glider has both front and rear skids. Some gliders are equiped with a front tire instead of the front skid. The Krosno has both front and c. of g. hooks.


   Description                       SI              Imperial
-------------------------------- -------------- ------------------
Length 8.63 m 28.3 ft
Span 16.4 m 53.8 ft
Height 1.65 m 5.4 ft
Best average L/D is 27 47 kts
Minimum sink speed 42 kts

VNE 200 km/h 107 kts
Rough air speed 150 km/h 80 kts
Maximum winch launch speed 125 km/h 67 kts
Maximum aerotowing speed 130 km/h 70 kts
Maximum dive brake speed 200 km/h 107 kts

Stall speed at minimum mass 57 km/h 31 kts
Stall speed at maximum mass 72 km/h 39 kts

Green arc 80-150 km/h 43-80 kts
Yellow arc 150-200 km/h 80-107 kts
Red line 200 km/h 107 kts
Maximum weight approach speed 90 km/h 48 kts

Wing area 19.44 sq m 209.2 sq ft
Aspect ratio 13.9 13.9
Wing chord constant 1.2 m 3.9 ft
Tailplane span 3.5 m 11.5 ft

Maximum all-up mass 540 kg 1190 lbs
Maximum wing loading 27.80 kg/sq m 5.69 lbs/sq ft
Maximum mass of non-lifting parts 171 kg 377 lbs

Dihedral angle 4 degrees
Sweep angle 3 degrees
Wing to fuselage incidence 5 degrees

Wing aerofoil FX S02/1-158
Tailplane aerofoil FX 71-L-150/30
Manoeuvring load factors +5.3/-2.65
Minimum solo pilot weight 66 kg 146 lbs

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Bellanca 8GCBC Scout (180 hp)




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Description                          Imperial
-------------------------------- ------------------
Length 25.75 ft
Span 52.49 ft
Height 7.87 ft
L/D at 56 kts 34:1
Minimum sink speed 51 kts

VNE 141 kts
Rough air speed 89 kts
Maximum winch launch speed 65 kts
Maximum aerotowing speed 89 kts
Maximum dive brake speed 141 kts

Green arc 45-89 kts
Yellow arc 89-141 kts
Red line 141 kts
Maximum weight approach speed 54 kts

Wing area 164.17 sq ft
Aspect ratio 16.8
Mean standard chord 3.32 ft Manoeuvring load factors +5.3/-2.65 Maximum all-up mass 1204 lbs
Minimum solo pilot weight 121 lbs
Maximum solo pilot weight 242.5 lbs
Maximum payload 441 lbs

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